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The organisation I will be assessing will be Drayton manor because it is the UK’s most leading theme parks for families and young adults. Therefore it will have a lot of customers which in return will mean they will have a lot of employees. Ergo they need to keep on top of recruitments to cut costs ,increase profits and work effectively. So since its important to retain as well as recruit staff, its essential that they know they're staff's employability and personal skills.

An employability skill like experience in a similar role and experience with a specific industry are very important to Drayton manor, because it can help save time when recruiting new staff. Since you need experience for a lot of the jobs in Drayton manor they can just look at people with experience, it doesn't just save time it also saves money because they wont need to train them. Also having work in a specific industry that is well know and liked can get you to a lot of places. If they have worked in that similar job before then it would mean they are confident and they know what they're doing. Which will benefit Drayton manor since it wants to retain staff that are skill full and knowledgeable in their work place. If you have worked in an industry that is well know and you worked there for quite some time then they would definitely be more beneficial to have you.

Another employability skill most human resources including in Drayton manor want are suitable qualifications. Qualification is important but depending on the job you have, for example to be a cashier you might have to have at least a C in GCSE maths, but in jobs like a ride operator its more experience and training they would need. When Drayton manor wants to retain staff its important that they have qualifications because they have structured learning and development and will feel valued and supported. They will develop confidence and self-esteem and would be more likely to remain in their post.

Another good...
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