Unforgettable vacation

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Unforgettable Vacations
Most of us have had new experiences. Everyday people are looking new ways to have fun, especially how to have the most memorable vacation of their life. As my eighteen years old I had the opportunity to meet one of the most beautiful place in my country Honduras known as Roatan. The experiences in Roatan such as attention in the hotel, different activities and unique beaches made that vacation stay in my mind and in my heart for my whole life. First of all, the attention that I received in the hotel was unique. I had the opportunity to be in one of the most famous hotel in Roatan known as Henry Morgan. In this hotel the personal is very friendly, generous, and helpful with everything I needed. Also the rooms were huge and spacious and all the facilities were clean and had all necessary. In addition, the hotel had a delicious and unique banquet for each day from what was breakfast, followed by lunch, and ending with dinner. After that I realized that my adventure was just beginning. The best parts of my vacations in Roatan were the different activities that could be done during the day both the hotel and the city of Roatan. During the day I enjoyed to do exercises aerobics at the pool and on the beach. The horse riding along the sea was another activity I enjoyed doing because it was done in the afternoon before nightfall. At night the hotel did activities like night of theater in which the members of the hotel organized a play for children and adults. On that night everyone was dressed with different colorful costumes, performed jokes, telling stories that keep everyone alert to the presentation. In addition, during the night the hotel also organized dances between couples which lasted all night. These activities made every moment unforgettable. Lastly, Roatan beaches are exclusive with many palms and mangroves and is known for its tranquility, transparency and the beautiful color...
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