understanding ourselves

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As individuals we believe that we do need other people to understand ourselves. People (friends and family) are extremely important to our understanding of us because they show us who we are and who we can be. They help us with our personalities, wishes, desires and help to support us. As human beings we can see that other people in our lives can indeed be important of our understanding of who we are. Being respectful, friendly, and being a good person to those around you will make us understand ourselves better. Our actions shape the lives of other people. We all know that moral virtues can’t be taught to us, but yet we have the ability to learn it and to experience it. Some people think that no one knows you better than yourself. Others believe that in order to truly understand yourself, you need others beside you.In addition, Karen Armstrong believed that obeying “The Golden Rule with compassion is another way that we need other people to understand ourselves.” Karen Armstrong wants people to know: that the Golden Rule and having compassion is important to all religions. Based on the video, Karen said “The central thread is do not do to others the way you would not like them do to you” That shows Karen is trying to tell people around the world that the golden rule is the central thread and needs to be followed.People ask themselves “ Do we need other people in order to understand ourselves?” I think we do because the way we react to others is a way to determine what our standards are in life. To understand ourselves further, we need other people around us to help. According to the quote above, it states “We shall be both kinder and fairer in our treatment of others if we understand them better.” That means, “Understanding ourselves and understanding others are connected since as human beings, majority of us have things in common.”
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