Understanding Different Types of Knowledge

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Relational Knowledge
Relational understanding is the ability to deduce specific rules or procedures from more general mathematical relationships. In short, one knows “how” and “why”. One of the way is to improve the schema that we already have, by reflecting on them to make them more cohesive and better organized and so more effective. If students do not understand, they will be emotionally frustrated and anxious; when they understand, whey know where they, direction they are going and therefore feel confidence and security. Formal Knowledge

Formal knowledge involves theories and formulae usually available in written form as textbooks and handbooks. It is acquired through the formal learning environments such as schools and training courses.

Informal Knowledge

Informal knowledge is acquired through personal experience, outside of the formal learning environments such as schools and training courses. Informal learning is, by default, any learning that is not formal learning or non-formal learning. Informal learning is organized differently than formal and non-formal learning because it has no set objective in terms of learning outcomes and is never intentional from the learner’s standpoint. Often it is referred to as learning by experience or just as experience. For all learners this includes heuristic language building, socialization, inculturation, and play. Informal learning is a persistent and pervasive ongoing phenomena of learning via participation or learning via knowledge creation, in contrast with the traditional view of teacher-centered learning via knowledge acquisition.

Intuitive Knowledge

Intuition is an immediate form of knowledge in which the knower is directly acquainted with the object of knowledge. Intuition differs from all forms of mediated knowledge, which generally involve conceptualization the object of knowledge by means of rational/analytical thought processes (and, hence, placing a mediating idea or concept between the...
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