understanding christian morality

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I. Discuss and illustrate what makes a person moral, immoral and amoral

A Moral person
When we say a person is moral it means that he correctly judges between right and wrong and consequently act on what is virtuous. A moral person does what is right and despises what is wrong. He does the things that are pleasing to God with decency and integrity and because of that he does the will of God. The only foundation for morality is being Christ like. Normally, a moral person acts according to what is said to be right and he is convicted whenever he commits sins. Given in the illustration 1, it shows that a person has boundaries, and within that circle there are values and morals to abide by and a moral person doesn’t go beyond that circle or boundaries.

Illustration 1

An Immoral Person
When we say a person is immoral it means that he does not act in conformity with accepted principles of right or wrong. I believe that all people have convictions. When a person commits a sin for the first time he is convicted by the Holy Spirit and when he ignores that conviction and do the same thing over and over again it will harden his heart. An immoral person has already hardened his heart to do what is wrong and sinful. Now a days, there are rampant issues about morality and most people aren’t aware of what they are doing isn’t in conformity with the values and morals already, they just yield to temptation and satisfy the lust of their flesh. Given in the illustration 2, it shows that an immoral person goes beyond the boundaries of morality.


Illustration 2

An Amoral person
When we say a person is amoral it means that he is not concerned with any moral standard at all: such as a person does not accept any correct of right or wrong. Having no morality, or having no implications for morality. An amoral person either disregards or condemns the ways in which...
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