Understand what is Required for Competence in Own Work Role

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Understand what is required for competence in own work role

1.1- Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role

As workers in the early years sector, we must come to understand that our roles and responsibilities can differ quite drastically and that there will be varying demands in each; some subtle, others less so. To make sure we are competent in our setting, we should focus on what exactly our role is and what skills are necessary to do it as best we can. One way to help achieve this is to look through and memorise our job description. These usually outline what is expected as a minimum from employers, so they are the perfect tool when deciding what skills and knowledge we will require throughout our particular roles. For example, one of the necessary requirements of our job will be to observe children's behaviour and keep the appropriate records. Having good written english skills is important here, but also what needs to be developed is a good understanding of what certain behaviour or traits can mean, not only being able to identify them but to recognise their implications and know how to deal with it appropriately. For example, if a child exerts violent behaviour towards others on a regular basis but has also come in with marks on their body, not only should this behaviour be written down as an issue that needs working on, but it should be brought up with a superior so as to put in place safeguarding procedures and ensure the child is not at risk from harm.

Be able to reflect on practice

'Reflective practice' is the way in which we as professionals look at our performances and evaluate them regularly. Where necessary we should think of ways in which we can improve our ethos to ensure the children in our setting receive the best possible care. Because of it's positive effect on us as childcare professionals, it is very important to do this frequently so as to not risk bad habits developing. We must be open-minded, willing to look...
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