Understand Principles to Professional Development

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SCH52: Promote professional development
Unit Ref L/602/2578
1. Understand principles of professional development
1.3 Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development

There are many types of systems and support formats for professional development. A thorough induction from the beginning of employment or placement can highlight possible future training requirements and the staff handbook with policies and procedures can be issued. Once an induction is completed the member of staff will have several sit down meetings during the 90 day trial period, this will allow time to organise any gaps in training, allow the staff member/ volunteer or student to familiarise themselves with the routine and setting and acquire any relevant paper work. Within an induction period shadowing another member of staff is a useful way of learning the settings policies and procedures. Each setting has different expectations from its staff and this method of training is an effective way of introducing the work ethic and standards of a setting. Initial in house training on observations, planning and next steps are essential training methods to follow the settings formats. Within our setting we hold weekly meetings within this meeting training is a key element of the agenda. This could be training on how best to write post-it note observations, how to deal with behavioural issues, enter data on the age and stage formats and gives the opportunity for all staff to highlight any training or guidance they wish to discuss. Within the staff meeting it also gives staff members the opportunity to disseminate any training, briefings and knowledge to all.
Following on from inductions an appraisal system gives the opportunity for the staff member to reflect upon their personal development within the setting. This self-assessment allows the staff member to review their practice within the team, with the children and give thought to any future...
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