Ulan Sa Tag-Araw

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Health Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Richmond Manuel
Ulan sa Tag-araw
(Reaction Paper)

Before I watched the film, I am aware that the genre and contents of it is all about the Climate Change and Global Warming. Having that thought, I know that it will be related to our subject which is all about environmental health. If our mother earth’s health is at risk, everything that is involved to it is also affected. If we are doing wrong to our mother earth, it will surely give us a negative feedback. For me, our nature as a person is that we do not bother ourselves after ruining or destroying the Earth little by little and as a result, we are experiencing a sudden changes and continuous impact in our daily living. Before I give my reactions about the movie, I will first share my insights of perspectives about the two common, but immense, issue: Global Warming and Climate Change.

For me, Global Warming and Climate Change are interrelated. Because of unintelligent approach of people to our earth, like improper disposal of wastes and such, we are now facing it. Even if Global Warming and Climate Change are not yet existed (for example), it is predictable that these two will soon come because of our morbid response to our mother earth. Once the Global Warming exists, Climate Change will come after, and here we are now.

Ulan sa Tag-araw is a film that made my perspective clear about how people took the issue for granted at first and how they dealt it afterwards once they knew all about the effects of Global Warming. It is funny at first since most of them are neglecting a meeting because, small informative meeting for them is such a blasphemy. My reaction to this is that if the small informative meeting has usually have a small number of people to inform, why not having an informative learning session by means of house-to-house way? By this way, I assumed that house-to-house process is way more effective than conducting a small informative meeting to ensure a larger number of people having...
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