Ukrainian Society Values

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Society Values in Ukraine
The notion of society values includes the attitude of society towards such important issues as family, state and its politics, religion, law, education, different social classes and here we also speak about self-image of the nation and its image abroad. In general, the majority of Ukrainians inclines toward conservatism when talking about tradition, morality or world-view. Among life values the respondents named health (75%) and material well-being (86%) to be the most important. Knowledge, intellectual development and independence in actions take last places in the list of priorities. 1 Health – 75,9%

2 Wealthy life – 68,1%
3 Happy family life – 51,7%
4 Good overall situation in the country – 38,1%
5 Interesting job – 35,0%
6 Acknowledgement in society – 16,9%
7 Pleasant pastime – 15,1%
8 Cognition, intellectual development – 13,62%
9 Freedom of activities and actions – 13,4%
At the same time Ukrainian society is characterized by critical attitude towards Ukraine’s development. More than 70% consider that the society does not develop or has stopped in its development. Half of respondents appraise negatively general condition of morality in the society. The most critical about morality in Ukraine are those who consider family and church to be the main bearers of moral values. They are mostly concerned with the following problems: 1 Drug addiction – 58,3%;

2 Alcoholism – 55,1%;
3 Rudeness in relations between people – 44,2%;
4. Bribery – 41,4% (but at the same time almost 80% of Ukrainians won’t interfere if they become a witness of bribery); 5. Enrichment at cost of poor – 40,1%
6. Lack of respect to elders 38,1%;
7 Indifference to troubles of other people – 29,3%
8 Prostitution – 26,8%;
9 Content of TV programs – 26,4%;
10 The rate of divorce – 17,3% (at the same time - Premarital sex acceptable for 37,0% Domestic partnership acceptable for 78%; Abortions acceptable for 45,1% ) Morality
The main bearers of moral values for Ukrainians are family, state, church and educational institutions: 1 Family – 74,0%
2 State – 34,6%
3 Church – 33,6%
4 School or other educational institution – 31,3%
5 TV, cinema – 21,9%
6 Literature – 21,7%
Family is the morality source for two thirds of Ukrainians. The role of the state in moral education is greater than the role of church. Still church forms higher moral demands than the state, school or art. Art is a source of moral values just for a quarter of Ukrainians. • The principle “Not my business” is widely spread in Ukraine. It applies not only at the political or social level but also in everyday life: there’s a tendency of nonintervention in troublemaker’s actions in the answers of respondents. • One third of Ukrainians tolerate adultery, two thirds - premarital sexual relationships, 18% - homosexual relationships (13% of which consider such relationships “sometimes acceptable”), and every eighth respondent accepts a driver to drive in drunk condition. Traveling in public transport without a ticket is acceptable for 45,0% of Ukrainians and jumping the queue in a shop, booking office etc. – for 49,5%. • A half of Ukrainians don’t think it’s wrong to break law from time to time. • With two thirds of Ukrainians considering rudeness and obscene words unacceptable the half of respondents considers it normal to appropriate somebody else’s things or to evade taxes. • Two thirds of Ukrainians consider it acceptable to complain to the law enforcement agencies about their acquaintance who has committed a minor crime. • Ukrainians treat corruption (e.g. bribery) more tolerantly that private property violence. Bribery is considered to be less evil than shoplifting. Morality and politics

Ukrainian society has clear moral attitudes towards negative political processes and politicians’ actions but in real life these moral norms are not applied. The society treats negatively nepotism in political life: two...
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