Type of Learners

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There are two types of learners, namely holistic learner and shallow learner. Holistic learner is the one who has very strong and logical understanding about certain topics but shallow learner uses rote memory. It is without doubt that most students resort to rote memory learning today because it is one of the easiest and at the same time, one of the most ineffective and time-consuming learning process. For example, shallow learners, while learning PA kertas 1, they tend to memorise all the facts instead of understanding them. By understanding I mean knowing the intuition behind something you learn. I found that our brain will only remember things that come with logical reasons. The stronger the reasons, the longer it will remember. For example, if your friend tells you that A = B and and he explains why A = B, you would remember it with ease but if he never explains the intuition behind, your brain will struggle in remembering (such is the problem in rote memory learning). 1) Always understand the intuition behind something that you learn. For example, learn how to derive certain formulae instead of memorising them.

Let say for a chemical reaction – aA + bB <—> cC + dD Its equilibrium constant, Keq = [C]^c . [D]^d / [A]^a . [b]^b Why should we times the exponent a for [A]? Have your teachers ever taught you how do they derive Keq? I guess most teachers don’t. If you want to know how, go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONBJo7dXJm8&feature=fvsr 2) Uses your internal dialogue to learn.

Internal dialogue is the sentences that people tell themselves and the debate that often goes on “inside their head” a form of self-talk, or inner speech. You talk to yourself on how to solve a certain question, when you are making decisions or when you are choosing which path to go in future and so on and so forth and in the end you choose. So internal dialogue is something that we do since the moment we are born. So how are you going to use it in your learning...
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