TV Shows: Influence on People’s Behavior and Perception of Reality

Topics: Morality, The Sopranos, Feeling Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: May 13, 2013
It’s astonishing how the world is becoming more associated with media through recent years. People can’t deny that one of the components of media which are TV series have a huge effect on our lives. It’s obvious that mass media plays a considerable role in our daily lives and it influences people’s world perspective and knowledge about moral aspects. Mass media is also known as broadcasting media, such as magazines, newspapers, radio, the internet, TV and they have changed people’s world view, their way of thinking and behaving because it reaches a large audience. In addition, understanding mass media is an important way to understand the culture and population. One of the effective components of mass media is TV which can be symbolized as a paramount property of media. Also with some TV series like The Sopranos, it’s apparent that people are changing their moral aspects about the nature of good and evil. To sum up, it’s evident tat forms of media such as TV shows have an influence on people’s behaviour and perception of reality.

According to James Harold’s “A Moral Never – Never Land” article, it’s clear how we can like people like Tony Soprano ( who is a dangerous criminal) and share the same emotions with him. In this article, James Harolds mentions that when Tony’s depressed, so is he, or when he feels anger he is feeling literally the same. In addition, he points that when he is successful or happy, he feels the same emotions as Tony. There has been critical discussion about, if there is anything morally wrong with caring about Tony Soprano. I f he were a real person, we can’t deny that most people would agree that caring about him is a serious topic to debate. On the other hand, Tony Soprano isn’t a real person,he is fictional but still we care about him and like him. Most people think these TV series are morally corrupting because we like something that we shouldn’t like. It’s assured that TV series like The Sopranos changed the way people see evil and...
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