Tui Intl Bus 401 Mod 6

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Integration and Reflection

TUI University
International Business 401
Integration and Reflection
Saniya Solis
24 April 2010


This course has improved my knowledge, skills and abilities about International Business to a point where I feel not only can I use what I’ve learned at work but also in my personal life as an author. Before this course, I had no knowledge of International Business and the elements involved. I just thought as long as you have money you could run a business. Now that I understand and know more about it, I feel I can make smart business decisions. I also feel my skill has not only risen but become sharper because I have learned the tools necessary to accomplish the goal in mind, which in return, can make for a great business market.

My first essay, I can honestly say that I didn’t fully understand the concept. I’ve never had a business course before so everything was new to me. When I was able to read my professors’ feedback and his explanation, I took a deeper look into my essays. I went online and did further research on the topic of discussion. Once I finally understood and learned some of the terms used in business, I was able to express myself better in my following essay. I think all my essays expressed what was asked of the students. I read the articles, then read the question and did as much research to support my essays. I believe doing this helped me to understand the course while learning more about international business. I think more examples on simpler terms would help to understand better. Sometimes simple is best; too much technical jargon is confusing to a beginner.

Ways I would measure the future effects of what I have learned in this course would be the way I can use what I learned in class for my publishing company; not only on an international level but on a domestic level as well. I feel I now know what it takes to have a successful...
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