Tsarist Regime

Topics: Communism, Russian Provisional Government, Karl Marx Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Explain why the tsarist regime was able to survive the 1905 revolution but was overthrown in February/March 1917.

The tsarist regime was able to survive the 1905 revolution and was overthrown in February/march 1917 because even though it was big step for the 1017 revolution in Russia, it also made Nicholas II fall or step back down because people made him since the government was inefficient and Tsar insisted on reading every decree personally, so important decisions were often delayed for months. The army had recently been defeated in a war with Japan (1904) and the secret police were chaotic. The economy was backward and living and working conditions were so awful that the workers were angry and rebellious. The regime was able to survive because Stolypin (prime minister) introduced strict repressive measures and reforms and made determined efforts to win over the peasants, believing that, given 20 years of peace, there would be no question of revolution, this was the strength of the regime because redemption payments were abolished, and peasants were encouraged to buy their own land. Many emigrated and there were great signs of improving working conditions and the industrial profits increased greatly which then led to universal education within ten years, and at the same time, the revolutionary parties seemed to have lost heart and many of them were short on money and the leaders were still in exile. The revolution also survived because the tsar’s opponents were not united, there was no central leadership ad he had been willing to compromise at the critical moment by issuing the October manifesto, promising concessions and most of the army remained loyal. In this way a constitutional monarchy was formed and many moderate reforms took place such as all of the things I have already mentioned like the redemption payments and others. Finally the Tsarist regime was overthrown in February/ March in 1917 because it started to show several weaknesses such as...
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