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Topics: Morality, Ethics, Control Pages: 5 (1711 words) Published: June 18, 2014

Responsibility is the duty given when one makes a choice, and is expected to complete it. There is no avoidance of the consequences if the goal is not accomplished and as a result, the stability of what is ethical becomes unbalanced. In science and technology, the slippery slope is always present when determining what is ethical and what is not, and as we advance into more knowledge the reasoning for ethical ideals becomes even more delicate. In “Alone Together”, Turkle discusses how technology is slowly removing us from reality, making us become part of a network in which we soon no longer can escape from. In her essay “Who Holds the Clicker”, Slater mentions a patient by the name of Mario that has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and gets a chip inserted in his brain. This chip essentially controls Mario and his behaviors with the touch of a button and although it treats OCD rather well, it is still considered to be mind control and defies his free will by being controlled. In “The made to Order Savior,” Lisa Belkin presents a case where two couple struggle to save their children that were diagnosed with a rare case of Fanconianemia and the only chance of survival is to find a donor with an exact match of human leukocyte antigen (HLA). Advances is science can occur in order to ensure that it keeps helping people; however there is a point where a line should be drawn and the consequences of such actions must be assessed. Technology is the assurance of advancement over mankind and with that assurance there must be a set of responsibilities that are given in order for itself to advance. It is imperative for science and technology to have a balance between what is ethical and what is necessary if one wishes to use it to improve one’s life. It is also crucial for somebody to place a limit on the enhancements of technology. This advance can only be controlled by one’s self because only one can deny one’s own necessities and balance it out with ethics. The reason why one must take this task and not the government is because people are able to follow their own moral code and give up what they believe is essential while the government is only interested in itself At this point science is advancing a lot and the importance of where to draw the line has become very high, one must achieve equivalence between what is ethical and crucial and therefore only he/she can draw the line of science. Taking into consideration the technology that allows people to be able to control people’s mind and clone people, one must learn that only he/she can control the advances of that technology. Yet “Once the technology exists, who decides how to use it?”(Belkin 7). The government should not have control over the research that is done by those who work with science and technology. The government itself is no different than the private practitioners if not worse because they only seek to help for their own benefit. One must take on the responsibility to draw limits on science without the need of interference from the government or risk control over potential technology from the government. The DBS chip should not fall into the hands of the government and should not also is interfered with by it. If allowed for them to take over research such as DBS than they will not use it in a responsible manner. That is why in Belkin one learns that “There continues to hover fears that DBS could fall into the hands of the state, or the overworked prison systems, and be used as a management device” (Slater 243). The government has no morals and it will be worse if it was to hold the clicker instead of a person that has at least some level of human understanding. The government cannot be in charge of controlling research that could allow one to control another’s mind nor that of breeding children in a lab. Since only one should be able to control the advances of technology, one should also learn to draw the line on science when it defies the rules of ethics. In...
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