troubleshooting information system at the Royal Hotel

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 Fancy Consultants & Company July, 2006 To: Royal Hotel GM

From: Blake Cantera
Subject: Troubleshooting information systems Espresso! Application at the Royal Hotel This May I introduced a new rapid response solution for Royal Hotel based on the requirement of high standard customer service. My client Royal Hotel wants to better satisfy their valuable customers at a higher level than other “most hotels”. Such as light bulb out and toilet clog should be avoided after making some good change advised by consulting. I thought the most compliments by customers were caused by a delayed response and disconnection between the housekeeping and the maintenance. Thus, I tried to fix it by purchasing a new IS to solve the problem to allow a rapid response and an effective connection among a few different departments within hotel. However, after the roll-out and implementation, it seems clear that the using of the new system was spotty at best. Most employees did not have the incentive to use it and they thought the old manual system did better for them. Now the most critical issue lies in here: the hotel invested a ton of money to bring in a new system and hope to see more effective outcome from it, however, the resistance of usage did happen. So, there was no improvement resulting from it. And I as the major consultant people working in this program should take the most responsibility for this issue and try to find a solution to straight it out. Despite I did not stay here for this one and a half month to monitor the whole process of running the new system and had very limited information relating the failure, I figured out the main failure may be disconnection of the four components of information system. Besides technology itself, dropping any one of people, process and structure would harm...
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