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John Greer
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LITR240-1302B-02: Literature: A Mirror of Life
Phase 1 IP: “Love in L.A.” and “A Good Man is hard to find” Professor: Jordine Logan
May 27, 2013

“Love in L.A.” (Short Story)
The setting of the story “Love in L.A.” takes place on the freeway of Los Angeles.   The main character, Jake, is an immature, arrogant, irresponsible protagonist that is carelessly driving and daydreaming without a care in the world.   Amidst the gridlock of traffic, he begins daydreaming about a car that is better than his 58’ Buick that has crushed velvet interior and an FM radio. It is his not paying attention and daydreaming that causes him to have an accident that leads to him hitting the car in front of him. Mariana, the driver of the other car, seems like she is a sweet and innocent young woman. She was on her way to work in the car that was given to her by her dad. Jake walks up to Mariana with confidence to ask her if she is okay and to also get her phone number.   Jake, on the other hand is very dishonest to Marianna from the get go. She asks him for his ID, and tells her it seems as though he left it back home in the pocket of a pair of pants. She then asks him for his address and phone number along with his insurance information, but instead of giving her his correct information he gives her phony ones instead. Before she leaves she gets his license plate number even though they were not legit either. Jake’s intentions are to run and not take full responsibility for his actions.  

The symbolism from this story is the freeway of Los Angeles. Jake feel the freedom of the open road when he is driving on the freeway and begins daydreaming that makes him have an accident. The theme for this story is fantasy, and includes Jake’s lies and deceptions.  Almost everything that Jake says to Mariana, she takes to heart.   The author’s tone of the author is that he sees himself as Jake. The author seems as though he is...

References: Meyer, M. (2011). Literature to Go, First Ed. By Bedford/St. Martin’s, 75 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116.
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