Traffic Control

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As regard the academic session in every institution nationwide, a paramount scheme is the SIWES semester for every student. The acronym SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) is a body that sees keenly into the process that all prospective professional in various discipline is expected to pass through it before they can be recognized or certificated as graduate of a particular discipline. Due to the complains from the organizations then that graduates from Nigeria institutions lacks a practical working experience in their field of study. It was observed that the students are majorly taught theoretical knowledge in compare to the practical knowledge which helps them to understand the theory better. As a result of this complains, the education board of the country (Ministry of Education)decided to equip every prospective professionals with the appropriate measure of the working and practical knowledge each need to have about his/her field of study. This is achievable through SIWES, by attaching each student to an existing establishment in the labour market which is relevant to his/her field of study. Therefore, as a transport management student, this report is based on analyzing and sharing my experience in the aviation industry (Federal Airport Authority Of Nigeria) where I did my SIWES training.

The programme SIWES was introduced in Nigeria by the Nigerian constitution Decree no. 46 of 1971 of the Federal republic of Nigeria for student in higher institution of learning and has been a great advantage to the Nigeria students. The introduction of SIWES has granted unto the whole educational institutions in Nigeria a victory over present inexperienced professionals in all discipline. SIWES is conducted by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) with representative unit in every institution design to acquaint students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria with the necessary practical rudiment needed to corroborate the required...
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