Totalitarianism and Study Question

Topics: Totalitarianism, Communism, Political philosophy Pages: 9 (1619 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Preparation questions and answers for the first quiz

The Political and Legal Environment

Multiple Choice Questions

STUDY QUESTION 1: What is the individualistic orientation and how does it influence how governments intervene in the economy?

Generally, one can assess a political system in terms of two related dimensions. These are the degree to which a political system emphasizes ideas of democracy versus and totalitarianism as well as the degree to which it emphasizes the ideals of ________. communities versus collectives

liberalism versus pluralism
individualism versus democracy
individualism versus collectivism
(p. 101; Application; Moderate)

The principle that an individual has the freedom to pursue his or her interest, even at the risk of threatening the common good, is called ________. socialism
(p. 101; Application; Easy) {AACSB: Reflective Thinking}

Proponents of the ideal of ________ argue that individual rights should be sacrificed for the good of the majority. socialism
(p. 102; Application; Moderate) {AACSB: Reflective Thinking}

STUDY QUESTION 2: What is the collectivist orientation and how does it influence how governments intervene in the economy?

In a country that emphasizes collectivism, ________.
the interests of the individual are more important than the interests of the state one person or political party exercises absolute control over the political and economic systems the needs of society and the needs of individuals are treated as equally important the needs of society take precedence over individual freedoms (p. 102; Application; Moderate) {AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity}

Select from the following types of philosophical orientations that which champions the idea that the right of an individual or business to do something may be restricted because it threatens the common welfare of society. liberalism

(p. 101; Concept; Easy)

Political systems based on the ________ paradigm, such as those of Japan and China, promote the principle that government may intervene to ensure that business practices benefit society. individualistic

(p. 101; Concept; Easy) {AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity}

Managers commonly assess political systems in terms of two related dimensions. One concern is the emphasis given to the ideas of democracy versus totalitarianism. The other concern looks at the degree to which a country emphasizes the ________. ideas of individualism versus collectivism

ideas that are individualistic versus representative
ideas that stress the common good of communities versus collectives ideas that are liberal versus pluralistic
(p. 101; Application; Moderate)

STUDY QUESTION 3: What is a political ideology?

Although there are different views about the purpose of a political system, most analysts agree that an essential task of a political system is to ________. integrate the different elements of a society into a functioning unit allocate scarce resources among competing users

develop reasonable attitudes and outlooks within the population protect individuals within the country from foreign threats
(p. 100; Concept; Moderate)

In a practical sense, the term political system is meant to signify the ________. organization of military power in a country
working government in a country
philosophical orientations in a country
cultural values in a country
(p. 100; Concept; Easy)

The system primarily used to integrate the different facets of society into a workable, functioning unit is the ________. economic system
legal system
political system
market system
(p. 100; Concept; Easy)

A (n) ________ ideology is the system of ideas that expresses the goals, theories, and aims of a country’s political program. technological
(p. 102;...
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