Total Absence Management: a Well-Rounded Approach

Topics: Employment, Sampling, Stratified sampling Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: July 10, 2011
The article I’m critiquing is “Total Absence Management: A Well-Rounded Approach” by Taylor, P. D. Many articles study the importance of employers improving productivity by reducing employee absences. This study focuses on managing employee absences through an Integrated Absence Management system. It focuses on employees’ feelings of financial security, job security, and health wellness programs. Although this study is in relation to its research hypotheses, its research appears to be vague and by defining some of its research population would make the article more reliable. The author should have used the systematic or stratified sampling methods to better define its research results. The study’s objective of integrating total absence management into an organization is well defined. The results from its research definitely prove how total absence management effects an organization. Total Absence Management is a major topic for all employers and employees. Frequent absences could affect the overall operation of any organization. Many employees have medical and personal issues that may jeopardize their job. This study covers this issue among others (i.e. pregnancy, health and financial issues). As a Human Resource Officer, this topic of discussion is very important and the literature presented in this study is relevant to my job. “Promoting healthier behaviors can lead to a more health-conscious workforce, reduced absences, earlier return to work and potentially lower incidences of disability – which can even contribute to a company’s bottom-line growth and prosperity” (Taylor, 2011). Employees will have health and financial issues that may affect their job performance. Employers that can integrate Total Absence Management programs into their organization will help their employees achieve their business objectives.
The study presents a percentage of employees sampled, but does not indicate the depth of its research (i.e. gender, race,...

References: Taylor, P. D. (2011). Total Absence Management: A Well-Rounded Approach [Electronic
version]. Benefits Quarterly, Third Quarter 2011. 5-8.
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