To What Extent Did Lenin Establish Communism in Russia Fro 1920-1924?

Topics: Vladimir Lenin, Russian Civil War, Communism Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: April 21, 2013
To what extent did Lenin establish Communism in Russia from 1920-1924? From an early age, Lenin opposed the Romanov autocratic regime, even more so following the execution of his brother for the assassination of Tsar Alexander III. Lenin was an avid follower of the writings of Karl Marx and believed communism was the way forward. He believed that everything should be owned by the government and then distributed evenly amongst the people. During the February 1917 revolution in Russia, Lenin was in exile. He knew his right-hand man Trotsky would tell him when the time was right to come back to Russia. The end of the February Revolution led to the end of the Romanov dynasty and to the Provisional Government under Lvov and Kerensky. It also meant the return of Lenin. By October 1917, he felt the time was right for a Bolshevik revolution. It was relatively bloodless and Lenin assumed the responsibility of governing Russia. Between 1920 and 1924, Lenin and the Bolsheviks attempted to shape the destiny of Russia and establish communism. He said, ‘’History will never forgive us if we do not assume power now’’. Having taking over Russia, Lenin now had the challenge of holding on to power. The first thing he did was put a decree on land. This meant that peasants were allowed take over private land. Therefore, landlords weren’t very happy about this. He also abolished the Assembly. Lenin believed in a one party dictatorship and this step was necessary for it to happen. It was at this time that the Bolsheviks became known as Communists. In an attempt to make all people equal, everyone was to be addressed at ‘’Comrade’’. Lenin’s next step now was to make peace. The slogan of the Communists was ‘’Peace, bread, land’’. From fighting in World War I, Russia was on the verge of bankruptcy. Lenin knew something had to be done. The Russians were losing battle after battle and the country couldn’t take any more of it. Also, the army was in...
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