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Receive the mission to be completed from command, whether it be a new mission or a change to a mission in progress. Leader must analyze the mission based on the factors of the Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops available, and Time available (METT-T). For the factor of time, the leader should use less than 1/3 of the time to the beginning of the mission to plan and issue the order so that his subordinates have 2/3 of that time to prepare (1/3 - 2/3 Rule). ISSUE THE WARNING ORDER

Provide a brief order outlining upcoming events to prepare subordinates for movement. This order provides initial instructions to allow preparation to begin as soon as possible (i.e. draw ammunition, rations, water, supplies. etc.). The warning order has no specific format. MAKE A TENTATIVE PLAN

Begin to formulate a method to complete the mission. The leader develops an estimate of the situation to form the basis of a tentative plan. The military decision making process involved uses five steps: mission analysis, situation / course of action development, analysis of possible courses of action, comparison of each course of action, and the decision or tentative plan. Once again, METT-T and OCOKA form the basis of analysis. START NECESSARY MOVEMENT

Unit may need to start movement while leader is still planning or forward reconnoitering. A delegated leader may bring the unit forward at any point during the troop-leading procedure. RECONNOITER

Use either maps or, if time allows, actual reconnaissance to confirm routes and time critical movements. If risk of enemy contact is high leaders must rely on others (i.e. scouts) to conduct the reconnaissance. COMPLETE PLAN

Make necessary changes to the plan and prepare order. Leader should review mission to ensure that the plan meets the mission requirements to the commander's intent. ISSUE THE COMPLETE PLAN
 Provide Five Paragraph Operations Order (OPORD) outlining the mission and how it will be completed. Subordinates should...
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