Topics: Knowledge, Blood plasma, Biomedical scientist Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Reflective writing : career talk 1
For me as a bio medical student, knowing my major and following vocation was a great concern until I participated in first career talk. On that time I understood the different concepts and functions of biomedical science. Also I should state that it’s vital for every student to know his/her majors’ expectations and base on it work hard to obtain essential features and knowledge. When I entered lecture room on the 4th floor I observed a friendly environment that made every student and lecturer feel free .the presenter was dr.ramchandran. She was really amicable, full of experience and knowledgeable. She had been in biomedical area for long time so she could transmit her experiences to us. Firstly she started with greeting and giving some tips about discipline as well as time management. Indeed she advised us not to take first semester easy and balance spending time on each course base on its credit .she finished her preamble with explaining some info about mentors and CGPA. The other students, as well as me, were obtaining so many helpful information about the course .so she kept on and continued her speech. Subsequently she introduced the importance and the favourable out coms of this course.so becoming motivated was the result of comprehending our vital role in society. In the next step she described the numerous job opportunities and responsibilities for biomedical scientists.so as a result of knowing the high chance for finding job; we became more confident and determined. Interestingly, we expect a simple lecture about our future but, she taught us some scientific issues like typing blood and how to separate serum from clotted blood. Also we were amazed by the photos of lab equipment and activity.in addition she presented some other photos about analysing blood and urine. As we were trying to achieve some data about different parts of biomedical science, she screened lots of slides about blood bank,...
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