Time and Social World

Topics: Natural environment, Environment, Sociology Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: August 16, 2013
The Social and Cultural World
Past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Time effects how we live our life, how we complete our daily tasks. Time ages us, we grow as people and sometimes we change. Many people would change the way they're living their life if they were told how much time they had left to live. When we have a lot of time to spend on an activity, we tend to take more time than necessary, just because its provided. Times changes our environment, we change environments in time. We change groups of people, society's and lose or gain culture. Traditions in cultures can be lost, renewed, or celebrated in time. Environment

External conditions and surroundings in which people, animals, or plants live. The environment we live in effects our life, what we wear, what daily activities we do etc. When we change environments, we also change the people we are around, our society changes. It effects how we spend our day, what jobs we have, where we go. Living with people is also considered a type of environment, that also effects us. If we are around happy people, we would be in a happy environment. The environment we are in day to day effects our mood, health and happiness. It changes our outlook on life. People

Persons, the community, race or nation. People is who we are. It's who we talk to and communicate with, what shapes us as a society. The people we choose to be around greatly effects our life. Our friends and family and the people we interact with daily, affect us more than most people think. They influence our decisions. Interaction with other people is a large part of life. People is what makes a society, people create culture and people change in time. Society

Humans being considered as a group. A collection of people that share something in common. Whether it be an environment, a culture or social territory. Society's are people. They are who we are around and what we are a part of. This influences us and shapes us as a person. Many...
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