Threat on National Security

Topics: Government, Recruits, Communism Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Threat on National Security generally involves people who go against the government – who may prove themselves as threats, not just by rally but also by violence and the like, thus, disrupting the safety and security of the nation.

Two of the organizations or groups that are active that were mentioned were the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) and NPA (New People’s Army). These two groups are directly related, with CPP being an underground political organization and the NPA as the “armed wing” or those that rise for a revolution.

To bring about a stronger armed force, members of the organizations recruit other people, usually those youth who are in their college years. These organizations, being communists, have another belief and principles with regards to the country. The beliefs and principles they hold are then implanted into the minds of their recruits, hence, brainwashing them. Fortunately, these recruits and potential recruits can still be “saved” and one of those saved is the speaker herself.

Talking about the recruits, when they are officially a member of these organization they are then trained. Aside from the principles and beliefs, they are trained with handling firearms. These trainings and activities are hard to find or monitor since most, if not all, of these are done in far-flung areas, such as mountains. It was also stated that many of the members are farmers.

There are people that roam the country who threaten the safety of those citizens (and tourists) who try to live in peace and go about their lives. Aside from threats and violence, these people also destroy the lives of some of the youth by recruiting them to join this organization or group that they have formed; brainwashing and training them to be made into “weapons” against the government, trying to make them into an army of new people, or those people who consider themselves as the “catalysts of change”, thus, the name New People’s Army.

Even though, people like these...
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