Thoughts about climate change

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My reflection Journal- The changing climate

The world has over the last century gone through big changes. This does not only concern the changes in technology but also how countries nowadays are able to interact with each other. The new technology have mad it possible to transfer and spread information faster than ever before. These changes have lead to huge possibilities when it comes to researches, to do researches that earlier have not been doable. For example when it comes to knowledge about illnesses and health. Earlier people died from deceases that the healthcare today has the knowledge to cure. This is only one thing out of many improvements that has been going on over the past years.

Because of this development is had made me think about how little we knew before and how much we know now. Today it is possible to measure and gain knowledge about almost anything. Such as weather, water stream, temperature changes, rainfall and much more. It is possible to se changes that occur on the planet. This makes me think and be concerned about what does really happen on planet earth? This question and thoughts that have been brought up makes me interested to learn and get a bigger perspective about “changing climate”.

Questions regarding our climate have in the past years been up for discussion on several channels. It is possible to read about climate in the news sometimes you can here about it on the television or even hear it on broadcasts. This has made people more aware than before and also made an increased interest in how different factors affects the climate of the planet. This is a good thing cause personally I think that there are many things that need to change. Especially when it comes to the affects on climate. To start making changes everyone, all countries must work together.

This is where I can se the first problem. For example when it comes to Global warming. Researches have seen several changes occurring over the past years and...
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