This I believe: Taking Risks

Topics: Decision theory, Risk, Decision making Pages: 4 (792 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Eric Coners
October 4, 2011
The Great Conversation

This I Believe: Taking Risks

Dangling by several fingers 75 feet off the ground, separated from death by nothing more than a ten millimeter climbing rope, and a few carabineers, I rethink whether I remembered to clip in properly, hope that my fingers do not slip, and pray that my belayer is paying attention in case I fall. Knowing how my life rests on these few whims sends surges of adrenaline through my veins, pushing me to climb upward with new power and strength. I believe in taking risks; I believe that a risk taker does not lead a monotonous, despondent and repetitive life, but will be rewarded with a more fulfilling, exciting and well rounded one. From tasting that food you have never tried before, to going to that certain graduate school, to starting up a new business at the age of twenty, life presents us with so many opportunities to take risks. It seems as though everyday we turn down another corner and a new chance to take a risk is staring at us in the face. We are presented with the choice to take the risk or to let it pass us by. Although we do not necessarily have to take every risk that comes our way, taking none at all would be detrimental to ourselves and to those around us. In my personal experiences I have found that when I do not take a risk that is thrown my way, I usually end up being somewhat upset and downcast afterwards upon realizing what I have missed out on. I find myself wishing I could turn back time and change the decision I made. The wonderful thing about taking risks is that the outcome is usually better than we ever could have expected. Gaining life experience, learning something new, or getting closer to achieving a goal are just a few great outcomes of taking risks. They spice up life, make the everyday life more interesting, and the positives almost always seem to outweigh the negatives by a significant amount. When I am at the top of a rock face gazing down on...
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