This Is Your Brain on Music

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I read a book called „This is your brain on music“ by Daniel Levitin. I chose this book because I found this topic to be interesting for me. It kind of mixes the intellectual part and the artistical part of my interest.

I’m really glad I found this book. I hadn’t read anything related since before and I really got much more interested about the topic. I really liked the book because it combined music and science. The author knows the both fields so well and thus you can rely on him and trust the facts. Although the book is partly about science (and written by a scientist), the text isn’t hard to follow and anyone could understand the thing. I even enjoyed, how he explained the definitions of science and music so everyone can understand without a degree in science or music. What also made it good – it wasn’t over simplified. Despite it was understandable for everyone, there was no misleading’s or factual errors. He gave a lot of examples of modern pop songs as well as good old classical music. This makes me to respect the author, because of the open-mindedness. He draws examples from Bach, Mozart, even Rachmaninoff as well as from the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, the Police etc. I think, why the author made this book, he is trying to make steps further to understand, how our brains work, in this case – how our brains react to music. He is trying to answer, why we like some melodies, others not, and to educate (in a very seductive way) about the interactions of brain, science and music. The language of the book wasn’t too difficult, although, I had to find out some definitions. I believe it was very fluent reading for native speakers. He tried to avoid too much scientific glossary. I believe, I learned from this book to listen to the music a bit differently. I try to listen to the nuances of the songs. Also, the book gave me a great base to know human brain and the specifics of how music affects it.

I would recommend this book to anyone, who is...
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