Thesis: Decision Support System and Survey Questionnaire

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Title Page
• Write the name of the university and the department
• The degree to be granted
• The title of the of the Proposed System
• The name of the proponents
• The name of the adviser
• The month and year
Adviser’s Recommendation Sheet
• This portion must be duly signed. The format will be provided. Panel’s, Dean and Thesis Coordinator Approval Sheet
• This portion must be duly signed. The format will be provided. Acknowledgement
• Recognize a person, company, school who assisted the proponent in the completion of the research. Dedication
• Write the a brief dedication message.
• Write a descriptive summary of study containing the statement of the problem, methodology, major findings and conclusions.

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Chapter 1.0 Introduction

• It provides the backgrounder of the study. Cite the discussion on the system that you want to develop. This would be displayed in Macro Approach to Micro Approach explanation:

Example : the name of the system is Decision Support System

Macro Approach : Discuss the information system because this would be the source of Information before a Decision Support System will take place. Micro Approach : Discuss Decision Support System Note : Construct the sentence in your own understanding then refer an articles that support to your claim.

1. Background
• Write a brief introductory of the clientele, it purpose of existence. • Describe the current system, hardware and software application being used and identify the personnel who are using the system. • Explain the problem encountered in details in terms of data processing of the existing system which directly pinpoint the reason of proposing a system. • Explain the reason why the proponents pursue the proposal of the system to its target clientele.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
• This must a research based. Below is the sample question to be asked. 1.2.1 What is the profile of the respondents in terms of? 1.2.3 What is the status of the existing system in terms of? 1.2.3 How effective the existing system in terms of? 1.2.4 Is there a significance differences of the respondent perception in terms of? ( There would be a tests : the Pretest means the manual system and the Posttest means the proposed system. Test the differences.

1.2.5 What are the problems encountered of the existing system in terms of?
6. What is the proposed system to be developed?

1.3System Objectives
1.3.1 General Objectives
• Start writing this section the following action verb: to develop, enhance, design, produce, evaluate, train, implement. Ex: To design (Name of the System ) (the expected outcomes of the system) and the (Name of the Beneficiary and Place)

2. Specific Objectives
• Define the system objective in SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timebound • State the features of the system and make it sure that it would answer problem encountered based on the existing system.

Ex: The system design a user access level namely: ( users)

3. Significance of the Study
• Describe the general contribution of the proposed to the individual user of the system, corporation/company/organization/school, country and future researcher. Identify the problem that may solve by the output of the study.

4. Scope and Limitations...

Bibliography: Appendices
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