Theory of William Perry

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William Perry
What i get from this theory is that our brain tends to take on learning knowledge in 4 parts (areas). Each individual takes on their knowledge learned and brakes it down to where they can feel confident an retain the information (knowledge) learned are task is to learn the right solutions whether it is by dualism/received knowledge gathering facts online, textbooks, teachers, memorization or with personal /on the job experiences from others Relativism/procedural knowledge.

Commitment/constructed knowledge when others give you their experiences and personal stories an examples an can reflect on them by telling you an giving their advice to you on how they tacked the situation or subjects with that particular subject matter . multiplicity/ subjective knowledge we as students must trust our "inner voices", not external Authority trust our intuition an go with the solutions we know and trust to know that they are the right solutions.

How i have used this theory
I personally try to gather all facts available on a subject by reading up on it and searching my own personal experiences and those of friends also researching the subject online, talking to classmates an teachers for a better understanding of the subject so i may better understand and comprehend the subject to the fullest. I always double check myself just to make sure i am fully understanding the lessons being taught , with this theory i feel i now have some new techniques to help me through my journey to higher learning. Just by listening to my my student counselor Jereme Albers someone with personal knowledge with online/campus learning has helped me to trust myself more my student counselor also told me The journey is sometimes repeated; and one can be at different stages at the same time with respect to different subjects.
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