The World Is Heading for an Environmental Catastrophe

Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Arctic shrinkage Pages: 3 (508 words) Published: October 24, 2011
“The World is Heading for an Environmental Catastrophe”

Task 1

Obtain a working definition for the term ‘environmental catastrophe’

Many people think, at the current rate of development the world is heading for an environmental catastrophe. Have humans destroyed, polluted and pillaged enough to cause a serious, wide scale disaster? Some say we cannot continue forward without changing our way of living. Have we over time exploited nature and it’s creatures for our own benefit? The effects of climate change are already apparent, as we have seen an increase in and prolonged periods of snow, ice and heat. Extensive research is on going to find an understanding of how we as a race can prolong our Earth’s life and how to reverse the damaging effects already incurred.

In order to research this topic further, there are different types of resources to consider, many of which can be found within the Learning Resource Centre. ‘Web Catalogue’ assists in finding the relevant materials, journals, dvds, books and e books. The online system can be accessed from any computer, not limited to the centre, so research can be done wherever, whenever.

Task 2

In Class Survey

The class were asked ‘Do you believe that climate change is a real threat?’ The results were as follows:-

Don’t believe3
Don’t know2
Don’t care0

Task 3

I obtained the following bookmarks and guides from the learning resource centre:-

Computer Logons3.1
Using computers3.2
Saving your work3.3
Printing and photocopying3.4
LRC level 3 subject zones and map3.5
LRC student guide to LRC and services3.6

Task 4

The web catalogue is a facility available which enables you to search for materials and information on your chosen subjects. You can search by entering author, subject, words, phrases or ISBN. The shelf mark system groups books together by their subject, the number is made up of the first three letters of the authors surname...
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