The Value of Knowledge

Topics: Knowledge, Truth, Debut albums Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Knowledge is power? Tell me, how much power is that? How much will be its impact in upholding the truth?

Does truth have to be valued?

A wise and old saying that people still believe until now is “truth hurts but it will set you free.” I’ve watched many dramas where characters are fighting with all their might just to know the truth. It’s true and always will be, that compassionate value in truth will release you from the prison of darkness that lies cover.

Bondage. Cruelty. Lies.

Why do people need to experience it, anyway? My friend, no one in this very wonderful world that God created deserves that! Education is freely given! You just have to enrich and treasure it. And if you’re saying no, what? Are you one of the Katipuneros who were ignored and tortured because knowledge is held back from you? So, that is an exception and an excuse.

It matters most in our world that you are very knowledgeable. You need to cope with the rapid changes you experience so you won’t be in a situation you can’t escape. Guard yourself with that knowledge of yours.

Life is a struggle. Everything’s a business. In business, there are many who can’t be trusted. Every sort of creature who does not know the value of truth and only values the profit one can gain through lying, deceiving and mocking people is engaged in business. It’s either you go with the flow, play, or suffer.

Powerful is the man who knows how to use knowledge in valuing and upholding the truth.

My friend, be not deceived; be not mocked. Truth is to be spread, not lies. Words are powerful. If you’re knowledgeable, then make it sure your words matter.

When you speak, you share your ideas. When you communicate, you show people part of your character. They can know if you mean what you say. They can know if you value truth.

“Honesty is the best policy.” Having that compassionate value in truth starts from ourselves. If truth really matters to us, then we won’t suffer from the cruelty and...
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