the truth about tornadoes

Topics: Tornado, Enhanced Fujita Scale, Wind Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: January 18, 2014
The Truth About Tornadoes
Climate change caused by people is fueling more occurring and severe weather, such as tremendous precipitation and heat waves. The scientific evidence shows that strong to brutal tornadoes have been dropping for the past 58 years, and there’s a chance that the details lie with global warming. Nobody is sure what effects global warming has on the power of tornadoes.

Tornado recordings are not precise enough to say whether tornado strength had changed over time. Richard Muller, a professor at the University of California noted, climate change is not responsible for the dramatic rise in annual tornadoes since 1950. Rather, the larger numbers come from developed detection and reporting of weak tornadoes, mostly EF0 tornadoes. The “EF” in “EF0” stands for enhanced-Fujita scale used by the National Weather Service. Muller made a scientific conclusion that the number of severe tornadoes rated EF3 to EF5. Damage Indicators used to rate tornadoes recently have changed with the adoption of the EF scale, making it dubious to compare tornadoes of the past with those of the present.

I found this article interesting because something that can happen anytime with no stopping is very attention grabbing. Id like to learn more because its interesting learning about things that can possibly kill you. This relates to my everyday life because a tornado can happen anytime anywhere and might effect me. One question I had is how much damage is needed for a tornado rated EF5.

Dubious: hesitating or doubting
Alex looked dubious, but complied

Scrunity: critical observation or examination
Every aspect of local government was placed under scrutiny
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