The Tanzanian nightmare

Topics: Capitalism, Socialism, Tanzania Pages: 4 (895 words) Published: October 7, 2013
A nightmare, this refers to a very bad dream that a person seems to experience. Tanzania is one of the most blessed countries when it comes to natural resources but it`s faced by extreme poverty and underdevelopment, for so many years this nightmare (poverty & underdevelopment) has been torturing the minds of many Tanzanians.

Tanzania is a fruit of the unification of two young countries which are Tanganyika and Zanzibar under the leadership of J.K.Nyerere and Karume in 1964. This country had a vision of becoming a socialist State (a country which practices socialism),so like any country with a vision they started to work on laying the foundations of socialism and in 1967 they came up with a declaration which is today known as The Arusha declaration. Now this nightmare came in their lives in phases as follows; 1.THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC MANUOVER

The world`s economy was ran by two competing economic systems namely Socialism and Capitalism, this led to division of the nations of the world into two blocks ,The Eastern(socialist) and The Western(capitalism) Block. In that time socialism seemed to be the strongest since it had many followers until when the capitalist block started to plan a cope de tat which later led to the fall of the Eastern Block (the fall of socialism) in the 1980s.

In Africa many countries were under the Eastern Block and due to the fall of socialism these countries found themselves in a very bad economic condition with no aid .To Tanzania the situation was worse because in 1979 we had to fight a war with Uganda(Kagera war)which made us unable to finance fully the government operating expenses,apart from that we were also faced by serious draught which increased life hardship to the citizens.

The capitalist block had financial Institutions like IMF and The World Bank which offered to...
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