The Story of the Hour

Topics: Fiction, Literature, Poetry Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 27, 2013
ENG125: Introduction to Literature

Jennifer Chunn
22 MAR 2013

This is the first literature course I have ever taking in my academic career, the use of literature terms are one’s that I have never used before in work and school. In this paper, the literary approach is what I’m going to use for Kate Chopin’s on The Story of an Hour. The best definition I can give for literary approach is a literary approach is a way of looking at literature i.e. how you read a piece of literature. This approach has interested me for this story and it will be the approach I will be using for it. When I read this story I found the use of the term persona used for it. This is when the teller of the story is referred into it or the narrator of the poem may or may not reflect the author point of view. This is the first look at Kate Chopin work that interested me by the introduction of her in the book. I thought that the persona was evident in this essay since she had dealt with a so many losses of love ones in her life. Ms. Chopin had four siblings that had passed away before the age of 25 years old, which was not uncommon in that era due to the environment and health care system. After only being married to her husband for 12 years and having six children he passed away, which put a great deal of hardship in her life. With adversity like that you can go one of two ways; you can become angry and bitter or take it make an asset and better yourself as a person. When looking at this story it can be interpreted as their biographical or historical view. The biographical view measures to see the extent of the ability to form the literary work into creative form. There have been various opinions if the biography of the writer should be counted toward the writers work, the literary work will be strengthen if the author works from biography view. I have not reviewed all of Ms Chopin work but in the case of The Story of the Hour, I get the feeling that it...
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