The Role of Line Managers and (HR) Human Resources

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As the developing of economy in the world, human resources can be paid further more attention to the tourism industry that before. Good human resources management can help the organisation to be successful. Line managers are the important aspect of HR department that can accomplish the organisation’s objective. There are three major level of management structure in the organisation, respectively top level (i.e. president and CEO), middle level (i.e. marketing vice president, finance vice president, and human resources vice president), and bottom level (i.e. different line managers of training & development). There is a possible evolving HR organisation example, which will be indicated the following article. Business policy and code of ethics are very important to the organisations that can help the firms to be more competitive. Human resources department is responsible for formulation of policy, approved by senior management, and the daily implementation of this policy and the monitoring of its effectiveness, and employment and career development of all individual employees in the organisation. Line managers should monitor and correct the situations of training staffs and normal working of staffs.

The Role of Line Managers and (HR) Human Resources
Line manager should authorise to direct the work of subordinates and has the responsibility to accomplish the organisation’s objectives (Stone, 2005). As the traditional work of HR managers decreases, line managers are stepping up and performing some duties typically done by human resource professionals (Mondy, 2007). Line manager connects directly with the employees in the general time. There are a lot of different types of line managers in the organisation. They have different duties to manage their subordinates. They may work together with their subordinates in the same place. They know the employees very well. The success or failure of managers is largely based on the quality of their subordinates. Therefore, line managers are increasely involved in the selection process.

Supervisor is one kind of line managers that most organisations will have. Supervisor can take some duties of manager when the manager is not in the company. Likely, a staff has been sick and asked for leave. The supervisor can let him/her leave and call another staff to instead. But the supervisor cannot decide the company’s goals or sell what kinds of products or services of the company.

In addition, supervisor can monitor for the employees’ working situations. When supervisor find there is a staff always late and laze on the work, supervisor can reflect this situation to the manager. The supervisor only can warn this staff, but has no force to fire this staff. The managers will not work together with the employees in some companies. At that time, the line managers or supervisors become more important to monitor and manage the general employees to keep operating the business.

As the developing of economy in the world, human resources management can be paid more and more attention to the organisations. “The field of human resources encompasses the type and level of management requisite for the active and effective recruitment, hiring, day-to-day employment practices, job termination policy, job description policy and much more. Indeed, the role of human resources in the workplaces has shifted dramatically as these consultants, specialists, teams and entire company departments apply proven methods of management to what would otherwise be sprawling and ineffective employee bases (, 2007).”

Human resources management focus on managing people within the employer-employee relationship, and seeks to strategically integrate the interest of an organisation and its employees relating to the coordination of an organisation’s human resources (Stone, 2005). Good employer-employee relationship is real helpful to operate the business, especially in the tourism industry....
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