The Role Of Historic SitesHistory Is

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The role of historic sites

History is important for numerous reasons. We learn from our mistakes. We share a common experience that binds us together. Our minds are store our experiences (history). Our roots, which is basically our round and where we come from. Society can build upon past accomplishments, and it also helps us to speculate the future. The historic sites are the values transmitted from centuries ago to remind us about our history and help us to explore it. Every nation appreciates and protects its historic sites as they know that they are the legacy from their ancestors. So do we. There are a lot of advantages of it. Buildings and spaces with history have character. They bring a certain charm to a neighbourhood that new buildings don’t. Many old buildings created in the 19th century are beautiful. Historical establishments serve as reminders of the past. Understanding the past, having reminders of the past even just in architecture will allow people to understand where they are and where they are headed. When people understand what the community has gone through and have visual reminders of their past then they can feel more connected to a place. The historical buildings can allow people to understand what happened in the past and how things could possibly play out in the future. Preserving our past gives us more understanding and hope for the future. Firstly, with the help of the historic sites we can clearly see how people used to live, what they believed in, we know about their culture and traditions. Secondly, it’s easier for children to learn and understand books, for example, they can visit museums, historic sites and see everything that is written in books by their own. Thirdly, it is very helpful for our country to develop tourism, as visitors bring money to the local and national economy. And it is not just about money, visitors learn more about our culture and history and we are known in the world.

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