The Road Final; How the Boy Matures

Topics: Man, Knowledge, Emotion Pages: 2 (854 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Maturity is usually defined as being an adult or acting like a responsible and knowledgeable adult. There are two types of maturity, physical and emotional. Physical maturity is when someone gets older and it is visible in their appearance. Emotional Maturity is the full growth and development of one’s emotions. In the book, The Road, the boy definitely shows signs of maturing both physically and emotionally. As the book progresses the boy transitions into a mature and strong individual from a childish and inexperienced character. When the book starts off, we are introduced to the boy as a young and immature character. He does not know how to take care of himself and he is in the care of his father. It makes sense that the boy would seem immature and childish because at the beginning of the book, the narrator describes his wide eyes and he acknowledges the man as “Papa” which portrays him as a young child. The boy shows immaturity by throwing away something of importance that his father made for him. The father asks the boy, “What happened to your flute? I threw it away. You threw it away? Yes. Okay.” The boy shows immaturity in this because his father had carved a flute for him and without realizing that the flute was somewhat of a reminder of good and his father, the boy threw it away. He was to a certain extent almost like a child who does stupid things without thinking about it when they get a temper tantrum. The father also makes notice of the boy’s infancy and immature innocence. The narrator explains, “He could not enkindle in the heart of the child what was ashes in his own” (147). This quote exemplifies the innocent and infant like perception the father has of his son and what how the author wants us to view the boy.

Over the course of their journey to head south and reach warmer weather, the boy matures into a more experienced and grown up character. The boy seems to have a consciousness of others and the ability to distinguish between good...
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