The Riflemans Dodd

Topics: Novel, James Coburn, Protagonist Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: February 12, 2012
1. Recommendations. This book is a very interesting book but it can be hard to follow at first because it switches back and forth between two sides, but in the end the two sides of the story come together in the end through a series of events that bring the book to a whole. The book has an interesting storyline and is historic you could say. a. Audience. I would suggest private to corporals, and anyone that is interested in history and war books. b. Action. Matthew Dodd is the main character who gets cut off from his company in a retreat. And has to get back to them by using his wits and abilities to survive. 2. Analysis of the Content.

a. Thesis. It’s a good book that tells the hardship of a rifleman in the 1800s in the portages army. The rifleman gets cut off from his company and has to survive on his own. He has to overcome many different kinds of obstacles mental and physical to survive and get back to his company. b. Synopsis. Rifleman Dodd is an excellent novel about the French-Portages war that was started by Napoleon in 1807. It’s a Historic fictional novel about an English rifleman from the 95th rifle brigade that was unfortunately separated from his unit. The book takes the reader through the missions he finds on his way back to his unit. 3. Key Characters.

a. Private Matthew Dodd: Private Dodd is the main character of the book. He goes through many hardships and very hard choices for a kid his age. b. Sergeant Godinot: This character is a sergeant in the army in charge of a small group of young men, but of course Dodd never knows them . One by one he kills them while doing his duty and never even thinking that these young men are just like him and at any time other than war they would all be good friends. c. The Idiot: is a young portages boy that Dodd finds at this house that was ransacked and his parents killed. Dodd brings with him but later he becomes a burden on Dodd. Dodd then must...
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