The Rhetorical Triangle

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The Rhetorical Triangle
I will first define the rhetorical triangle modern there are three elements of the rhetorical triangle modern (speaker audience situations) the rhetorical triangle modern has three equal sections that create the triangular. The speaker is a person that is giving’s an oral message to the listeners”. (Lucas, 2008, p. 17). Character of the speaker also affects the audience in element. The audience is a person of you your presentation or speech. The speaker will need to have a relationship with the audience know who will be your audience the speakers should realizes everybody’s different and everybody’s not going to think the same way. The situation section of the presentation or speech should be considered just as important as the speaker and audience because it also has a hand the victory of the speech or presentation if either element is lacking the presentation or speech will fail. For example when you’re working you’re working for a company everybody has different job titles .you will work together for the company to be successful such as .The rhetorical triangle modern needs to work together for order to the speech or presentation will be successful. The first video that I watched it” how to change a flat tire step-by-step”. The speaker seemed confident in knowledgeable of the subject of changing a flat tire. The rhetorical triangle was successful in this video the speaker a very calm, the was very hands on show you each part of changing a flat tire. Because I’m a visual learner it my attention during the video. The speaker knew his audience was going to be someone that didn’t how to change a flat tire. The goal of the speaker is to show the person that is viewing the video by changing a flat tire by them. The situation element is they can learn it myself or pay someone to do it for them. My second video that I watched” “How to Install a Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Floor”. This video is presented by Lowes .because it’s presented by...
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