the return of native

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When it comes to ‘The Return of the Native’, some people regard it as a tragedy; others argue that this novel is so dramatic. As far as I am concerned, I thought it is the epitome of human survival environment. The Return of the Native is one of Thomas Hardy’s novels of characters and environment. In this novel, the author tries to analyze the reasons and characteristics of Eustacia’s rebellion. On the one side, the human’s instinct and the nature cause her revolt against fate. Eustacia’s desires simply to be away from the Egdon health and be happier are the sources of her rebellion. Moreover, the cowardliness accompanies with the resolution in her rebellion, which leads the destruction of Eustatcia. Here we can see the fatalism in the novel which plays a significant and crucial role on people’s facts at the same time. In this novel, the author tries to analyze the rebellion of Eustacia in two aspects, the reasons and features. Eustacia, the heroine in The Return of the Native, is a female representative in Hardy's works; her proud nature makes she despise traditional culture, departing from value and standard of morality. In this woman's mind, Egdon and the god is the biggest enemy, they are always against her, and so she devotes her rest life to rebel the enemy .However, the weaknesses in her character make the rebellion compromised. What’s more, the fatalism in the novel influences the herione, which the fate is sealed, no matter what you do, you can not change it. Egdon controls Eustacia’s fate, regarding her as a part of it, however, she rebels and refuses Egdon Heath. Finally, the rebellion makes her die. Literary works are just like a mirror, reflecting the merits and problems of the society. When we read the literary, we can indulge in them unconsciously, regarding us as the heroine. The rebellion of Eustacia tells us the people cannot yield to the fate silently, but what important is how one rebels effectively to gain the success and...
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