The Really Inconvenient truth about Global Warming

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Climate change Pages: 4 (1684 words) Published: January 4, 2015
The Really Inconvenient truth about Global Warming
By: Farah, Fatimah, and Hiba

At the turn of the century, many scientists, researchers, and green activists, have been drawing the public eyes to how we, as humans, are increasing the layers of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, through anthropogenic actions, that has causing the earth’s climate to increase. However, though graphic the media and many activists deem it to be, it seems that there are multiple string puppeteers at work, pulling strings for their own benefits. Through the decades, scientists have scrambled to unlock the real propaganda behind this very controversial topic, unveiling some rather really un-inconvenient truths. These involved the politically and money driven head figures and global warming radicalists, the real facts that show the bias in many green activists ‘big arguments’, and how really, no matter how much greenhouse gas emissions released in the environment, whether by humans or nature, it will not affect the climate. Climate change is not in the hands of human’s; rather it is simply, Mother Nature taking its course.

In a battle between the truth seeking scientists/researchers, verses the propaganda led politicians and misinforming alarmists, facts are always the tie breaker in this game. Much research has proven that the increase, or decrease, in the amounts of greenhouse gasses, more specifically Carbon dioxide, follows the drops and spikes of temperature, and not the other way around (2). The small ice age that occurred in the 1940’s showed evidence of low/ moderate levels of carbon dioxide (1). Furthermore, the increase of carbon dioxide in the past years has caused an increase in the greening of North America, by far, a very positive outcome for agriculture, habitats, and the environment in general (5). Many scientists that have been able to extract remnants of ice cores from ice ages discovered, that as the earth entered a global warming after the ice age period, carbon...

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