The Process Of Group Decision Making

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The Process of Group Decision Making
INTRO: Many authors and theorists have different approaches to group decision making. Some differ from a couple of steps to five steps. The book however likes to use a seven step approach. A good example of our subject is this assignment itself. As a group we come together and form a solid opinion on which topic or assignment we should take. The book suggests that we follow a couple of guidelines when coming across a topic. As a group, we should be wording the question or subject as something to where we can seek out an answer. We should also be open to any opinions and finally answer questions in a logical manner. The 7 Key Points are simple yet can be broken down into several components The first is Define the Problem. By defining the key terms and the logic of question, group members will be more understanding of what the topic or question is really asking. For example, if the topic is “What can be done to alleviate the parking problem on campus?” members must agree on what constitutes the parking issue. Is there too much space? Too little? However your group defines it, will determine how your group solves it. The second step is Analyzing the Problem. Basically what it boils down to, is what are the symptoms and what causes the problem. Could there be late students? Students who don’t pay for their parking passes but never get caught? Accidents? Many symptoms are more serious than others and they all point to the same magnitude of the problem. However, at this point the group cannot jump to any conclusions and they cannot propose any solutions. Now your group must consider what causes the problem. Could it school funds? Too many scheduled classes? Increased enrollment? Your group must come up with the most meaningful answer towards the solution. The third step is to Determine the Criteria for the Optimal Solution. Coming up with solutions is easy, but as a group, you have to make sure that your solution is good enough...
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