The Pedestrian: A Marxist Society

Topics: Marxism, Police, Punk rock Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: September 4, 2011
In 2053, the sun sets on a bleak day, full of buckling, uncared for cement, and unmanaged lawns. Each house is full of people, people glued to their viewing screens, oblivious to the world outside their living rooms and the mass manipulation of the population. Society is stalling, unable to progress because nonconformity was punished by an extended stay at a psychiatric center, as evidenced by Leonard Meade’s quick deposition. In this definite Marxist society, people have eliminated on crime, but have also given up free will as well. The families mesmerized by the television are being controlled by an outside source, technology, and giving up their free will, whether they know it or not. Nothing can move forward if everything remains the same. If people are kept shut up in their houses, eyes illuminated by the multicolored lights of pixel screens, without interaction and problems to keep themselves creatively inclined, there can be no progress. There is a point where technology moves from being something useful, to being a crutch. In this short story, there aren’t even any policemen, and the one car still on patrol is controlled by a robot, eliminating any chance for human progression. Humans thrive on challenge, as evidenced by the desolate neighborhoods of The Pedestrian and the examples of the failed Soviet Russia, it’s obvious that shoving everyone down to the same level isn’t going to work, nor is keeping them stalled and uneducated. This story mentions that “there was only one police car left…crime was ebbing, there was no need now for the police.”(pg 49) This city seems to have sacrificed one extreme for the other; crime for freedom. Crime brings grief and sadness upon its victims, yes; however without that contrast of despair, joy and happiness mean nothing. Without the ability to choose, either bad or good, they’ve enslaved themselves to technology. Leonard Meade, the main character of The Pedestrian is almost the only character; the rest are inside...
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