The Patriot

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Throughout many decades history has been learned by reading books and listening to past experiences or stories. Although many still use standard history books, it seem fair to say that most people now a days are getting their history, or what they think is history from movies. It is an unavoidable phenomenon now that televised entertainment is such a big thing. More and more people watch Television so why not put some education into it. Many movies don't have an accurate explanation, or if not they fantasies the history. A man by the name Francis Bacon said, "that history makes men wise. It follows that bad history, trivialized history, history distorted and sensationalized, can make them foolish."

In the movie the Patriot, they do depict some historical events that are true, but they also happen to make up things along the way. Most directors probably do this to entertain the crowd and keep the movie interesting. As shown in The Patriot, Mel Gibson in which plays Benjamin Martin, a farmer South Carolina, and a hero of the French and Indian war. He is a father that has seven children. His oldest Gabriel joined the war against the British after his father told him not to. He served for two years as when he returned he was seriously injured.

General Cornwall demanded Gabriel to be arrested. Then a fight was caused in Benjamin's crops causing the death of one of his children and the capturing of his son Gabriel. Gabriel was demanded to be hanged but his father was able to rescue him.

The movie really doesn't talk to much about actual historic facts, it just changes the events into its own scenery. The mov
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