The Opportunities and Challenges of Young People

Topics: Education, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: August 8, 2013
We-Asian are fully taking advantage of technology .This is a golden chance for us. They can even create their own websites to start a business instead of working for others. First of all, it is a good chance for them to widen their knowledge. They can learn a lot of interesting things from information technology such as internet, TV,… Moreover, they can easily look for scholarships on the internet to study abroad. Thirdly, technology helps them improve the economy. Industry and agriculture with high technology can develop the economy. Products using high technology can easily be sold inside or outside the countries so they can get a lot of money from business.For example, toyota of Japan with high technology has become best seller. Nextly, they can invent new things with the help of technology. All in all, opportunities will come to them if they use technology in the right way.

However, education is a big challenge for young people in Asia. For a start, a lot of children cannot go to school because their parents cannot afford that, so they have to work to help their parents at the early age…The curriculum focuses so much on theory rather than practical knowledge and skills, thus it is hard to apply to reality. Nowadays, a lot of students have to take extra classes from the teachers at school. The teachers sometimes raise their grade or let them know the exam questions so it is unfair for the others who do not study that class. Moreover, the learning style in Asia is passive. The teacher teaches and students listen and write down lessons on the board without raising hands. Last of all, the lessons are obsolete because the knowledge they learn now can’t be applied after they graduate.

Solution: There are some solution to problems that Americans are facing. In a dog-eat-dog world, everyone is expected to know that there is always competitions going on either outside or inside an organization, outside is the competition with other similar organizations to...
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