The Negative Effects of Social Media

Topics: Psychology, Social media, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: February 12, 2013
HU, Xiaowen (word count: 299 words)
The Negative Effects of Social Media
Many problems and difficulties arise with the appearance of Social Media. As Annie et al. (2012) reported, “the potential harm associated with the use of unsafe social media content on the internet is a major concern” (p. 30). Children get easy access to the information they are not supposed to read. Annie et al. (2012) also found that “harmful and pernicious images can be seen on social video platforms, such as people displaying self-injury behaviors, hurting others, or taking drugs”(p. 31) . As a result of excessive negative information in social media, the emotion of people is easy to be influenced, people tend to be aggressive and impolite; cyber bullying is more common, which force people to think carefully before they post or tweet. According to Browning and Sanderson (2012), inappropriate tweets may influence the future behaviors of an individual and can also be harmful to the community which individual belongs. Manner, C. (2011) at al. provided evidence that “individuals may practice risky online activities, resulting in information disclosure that damages personal relationships” (p. 16). So security and privacy are often violated through stealing and gathering personal information and then selling it. As far as I know, a lot of scandals spreading on social media cause a dilemma for the individual involved. Namely, people are easily getting into trouble because of what they post on Social Media. All in all, social media as a new development in the realm of technology, it indeed comes along with some negative effects. In order to minimize these negative effects and deter the harmful influences, some steps must be taken. Enhance the secure information transferring in the social media, establish supervisory systems, reward the reporting of negative information, and develop new software to screen the information which especially prevents children contacting. References


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