The Negative Effect of Egoism

Topics: Morality, Moral relativism, Relativism Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: June 12, 2012
This advocates that each person should his or her own well fair as a supreme end of his/her actions. Thomas Hobbs and exponent of egoism portrayed as rational self interested and calculating. This view is often referred as psychological. Hobbs regarded people as predatory he felt that morality was to avoid conflict. Ethical egoism emphasizes everyone ought to act out of self interest in terms in achieving selfish ends in terms of the survival of the fittest in a society. Future more apparently unselfish or altruistic may still be an interest of the individual and can provide a measure of satisfaction an ego fulfillment. 1. Universal egoism would create anarchy

2. It is problematic in personal relationship
3. Egoism ignores situations where people demonstrate non-egotistical 4. Persuing self interest negative consequences for those involved 5. Modern society is characterized by interdependence

6. Egoism ignores the biblical injunction to love your neighbor as yourself

Ethical relativism
Relativist argue that we live universe where everything is relative therefore there is no supreme that can tell us which moral code is superior. Moral principals vary from time to time place to place person to person. Ethical relativist claim that there are no rules accepted by all people everywhere and customs can make any action appear right. This view is influence by the fact provided anthropologist concerning the diversity among various cultures worldwide. It creates moral uncertainty becomes impossible to state that an alternate judgment is wrong . There are no absolute moral truth but these are relative to social cultural historial or personal circumstance. Situation ethics

Situationists are prepared to put aside or compromise rules when love demands because love along is universally good the exponent is Joseph Fletcher, an Anglican theologian. He make a distinction between principals and rules: principals guide but rules direct....
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