The Myth of Man Made Global Warming

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Climate Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: March 11, 2008
Over the past half century our world has become more modernized than ever thought possible. We have innovative things to make our lives quicker and more efficient including DVDs, the IPod, and the Internet. This technology has become integrated into our society and even in a way part of our lives. It has also led to increased manufacturing and production and in turn increased the CO2 output by man kind. However, is this increase substantial enough to cause a change in the Earth's climate? Scientists have been debating this for years and have yet to come up with an answer to this question even with overwhelming evidence supporting the idea that humans are not the cause of global warming. There is too much evidence to deny that the Earth's warming is due to a natural change in the Earth's climate not mankind. Past and future fluctuations in the Earth's climate, the sun and the energy it emits, and North and South Pole activities all prove that man made global warming is a myth that has gotten out of hand. Throughout history the Earth goes through climate stages - both warming and cooling. "During the Holocene, there have been about seven major warming and cooling trends, some lasting as long as 3000 years, others as short as 650."(Carlisle) You can see this through the layers in the ice. Recently Russian scientist drilled 3.5 km of ice to acquire a specimen with information about the last 400,000 years, before mankind was emitting "harmful" CO2 gasses. They found that during the last 400,000 years the earth has scene four two-phase climate cycles; a gradual warming followed by a quick cooling. (Osokin) This proves through scientific study that the earth undergoes "climate stages" and that the globe is in reality experiencing a gradual warming but it is not caused by man. You can also see these climate changes through the rings in trees. Tree growth is slowed during cold times and is greater during warmth. By looking a specimens of trees scientist can see the...
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