The More We Share the More We Achieve Essay

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| How education helps humanity? | |

Education is not the amount of information that is put into the brain.  If education was identical with information, then the dictionaries would be the greatest sages and the encyclopedias the greatest rishis.  Education can be taken as our general conduct at home and in the society and the skills we possessed.  If young generations are not made aware of the importance of culture, tradition, religion, then the material comforts may lure them and shatter peace, stability and faith that all of us cherish so much.

The purpose of education has varied from time to time, but the accent has always been on the full development of the human personality.  The main purpose of education is to draw out our potential capabilities, to stir our imagination and to teach us how to think.  We should be able to approach and examine a problem on our own, investigate it and take our decisions independently.  Education equips people with the basic skills and knowledge necessary for jobs and occupations.  On a higher level, education imparts technical and scientific knowledge and skills for industrial advancement.  Japan realised this a long time ago and today it is the most developed country of the world.  Other countries such as Singapore and Indonesia are also trying hard to become industrialise through education.

Besides imparting knowledge and skills for producing occupations, education develops a man’s character and induce in him qualities of discipline, tolerance, compassion, truthfulness, non-violence, justice, forgiveness and contentment.  This is necessary for peace and harmony in our country.  I think that moral education is the best too, against crime.

Education makes people more conscious of what goes on around them. This make them more critical and they are not easily swayed by emotions, therefore education is a long-term solution to problems of subversive forces.

Education is the best way to solve the problem of...
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