The morality of Birth Control

Topics: Rhetoric, Margaret Sanger, Woman Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: June 11, 2014
Gabriella Rodriguez
The Morality of Birth Control
Margaret Sanger
American birth control activist

Presented in the 1920′s, a time that redefined the place of woman in society, women across the United States rebelled from social norms of modest femininity. The topic was very controversial. Margaret Sanger’s 1921 speech “A Moral Necessity for Birth Control” is still an important rhetoric for the rights of women’s health and well-being. It was delivered in the park theater in New York, November 18, 1921. The audience for this argument was a group of individuals, both civic and religious leaders, who had come together for a three day conference on the topic of birth control. In her speech, she demanded the Christian community reconsider their position on birth control stating that it is immoral and unethical to women. In her speech “A Moral Necessity for Birth Control,” she criticized civil and religious authorities about their stance on sexuality and contraceptives. She was upset with the National Council of Catholic Women, the Christian community and the Catholic Church for keeping women ignorant and uneducated from the advantages and benefits of birth control. Her goal was to insure that people were educated about birth control, by helping cure the problems of over-population, starvation and other linked issues to sex without control. At first she started to convince her audience by answering counterarguments that with the knowledge of birth control, the benefits outweighed the negative aspects. She uses a strong sense of fallacies and rhetoric devices in her speech to not only get the attention of the audiences, but to give a sense of urgency for the actions that needed to be taken. Margaret Sanger uses vivid examples of fallacies and rhetorical devices in her speech. She uses the words "religious scruples" to show the basic need for power. When Sanger refers to the oppostion to birth control she refers to them as "this group are diseased,...
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